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ATC Memes NYC airspace

ATC Memes NYC airspace

Air traffic control can be a notoriously intense job, but few places in the world as are complex as the New York airspace. The stratification, airways, procedures, and traffic intensity can be considered legend in some circles. My friend even told me once that they made a movie staring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Angelina Jolie based on the intense air traffic of New York. He lies about everything though, so I don’t believe him. Anyway, sometimes people might ask, “what is it like to observe or work New York air traffic?” Well, that’s a hard one to describe, but we feel this video of a busy road intersection sums it up pretty nicely. I’m trying to find the edition with thunderstorms, since that’s even more intense, but it’s a work in progress. Welcome to N90/ZNY!



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