Trump Announces Russian Airline Will Begin Offering U.S. Domestic Service

Aeroflot taxiing at Moscow Airport in Russia, soon to start US domestic service.

June 19th, 2017

President Donald Trump made an announcement today during a White House Press Conference of a newly negotiated deal with Russian owned airline – Aeroflot (AFLT.ME).


President Trump took some time from his busy schedule of Making America Great Again to send out this tweet:

“Today is an amazing day, it’s very special to me and America’s relationship with a very brilliant and smart country. We saw Weak Obama impose sanctions on Russia last year in an attempt to ruin the start of any relationship our two powerful nations could build together. I have very special friends, great friends, all over the world. There is nothing the Obama could ever have done to disrupt my great relationships. The American people know me, and the people around the world know me and my amazing business dealings. This will be a benefit not just to America and Russia but to everyone around the world. I am very excited to announce that Aeroflot will begin regular scheduled US domestic airline service on September 31st, 2017. They will begin their operations out of JFK to DCA and will expand to 20 other states by the end of 2018. For too long, companies like United, American, Delta, and Southwest have driven up airfares to an amount that no longer makes flying affordable to the average great American family.  Aeroflot will hire American employees, pay American taxes, and fly American passengers all across this great nation at a lower cost than anyone else can do.”

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Written by ATC Memes

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