Top 24 U.S. Air Route Traffic Control Centers Part Two

Top 24 U.S. Air Route Traffic Control Centers Part Two
Gotta pump up those numbers Seattle.

Top 24 U.S. Air Route Traffic Control Centers Part Two

13 ZMP Minneapolis 1,895,435 1,941,944 +46,509
14 ZDV Denver 1,696,035 1,764,984 +68,949
15 ZKC Kansas City 1,717,758 1,751,235 +33,477
16 ZOA Oakland 1,557,960 1,640,881 +82,921
17 ZAB Albuquerque 1,518,002 1,564,647 +46,645
18 ZBW Boston 1,472,544 1,523,097 +50,553
19 ZLC Salt Lake City 1,337,087 1,394,441 +57,354
20 ZSE Seattle 1,102,134 1,173,627 +71,493
21 ZAN Anchorage 579,351 582,494 +3,143
22 HCF Honolulu Control Facility 488,415 489,032 +617
23 ZSU San Juan 309,799 312,528 +2,729
24 ZUA Guam 249,705 267,862 +18,157

I gotta tell you…I thought Denver would be in the top twelve. The fact that the two Polis’ beat them is surprising (Indianapolis, and Minneapolis). Those are rookie numbers Seattle. You gotta bump up those numbers. Salt Lake City Center is a level 10 facility…actually all the facilities in Salt Lake City are 10’s (The Tower, The Approach, AND the Center). Guam…what is there to say about Guam? I mean, it’s out in the middle of nowhere, and no one really wants to go there. I hear it’s actually a fun spot to do a three year tour (Ohh, and “Post Pay” is pretty nice too).

So, how did your center fare? Were they in the top 12, or were they a sub .500 team? Don’t let the numbers fool you, there are many factors that come into play when gauging how difficult a facility is. I wouldn’t wanna live in Oakland (too expensive), so that commute to reasonably priced housing would be tough for me. I couldn’t do anyplace cold (I’m bronchial), so Minneapolis is out. In the end, the real reason I couldn’t go to a Center…THE MAP TESTS. Screw that. I’ve heard how hard they are, and I’m not about that shit. I know I started out the article slamming Center pukes, it’s just what we do. I have much love for my brothers and sisters working the Enroute option. They do terrific work, and are good people (shout out to Lakeland Low sector at Miami Center…y’all got game).

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Top 24 U.S. Air Route Traffic Control Centers

Top 24 U.S. Air Route Traffic Control Centers