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The Top 50 U.S. Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities

The Top 50 U.S. Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities
Number 9 isn't bad.
The Top 50 U.S. Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities

Every year the “F Hey Hey” crunches their numbers and comes out with the standings for the past fiscal year (FY). This data is important in establishing bragging rights. If Tampa is higher than Salt Lake…well then a Tampa controller can talk trash to a Salt Laker. This dick measuring contest has been going on since the days of Archie League.

Here’s some things to note when reading this chart:
  • The numbers are total operations for the year (divide by 365 if you really need to estimate the daily ops count). “Operations” are arrivals, departures, overflights, VFR aircraft screwing around, etc.
  • Some facilities will have “Tower” in their name. Miami tower is an “Up/Down” facility (Sort of). The data in this table is just for the operations that the TRACON portion of the facility worked.
1 SCT Southern California 2,063,122 2,099,756 +36,634
2 N90 New York 1,892,552 1,949,388 +56,836
3 NCT Northern California 1,558,229 1,586,639 +28,410
4 PCT Potomac 1,417,578 1,426,859 +9,281
5 C90 Chicago 1,252,133 1,254,412 +2,279
6 D10 Dallas-Fort Worth 1,205,819 1,213,222 +8,089
7 A80 Atlanta 1,167,065 1,198,348 +31,283
8 MIA Miami Tower 979,245 1,009,725 +30,480
9 I90 Houston 939,698 913,611 -26,087
10 D01 Denver 792,982 820,064 +27,082

As you can see from the table above, only Houston TRACON lost some traffic (by an average of 71 operations per day). The remaining facilities in the top ten increased their traffic by an average of 1.9%. Obviously many factors can come into play when this happens (i.e. weather events, airline mergers/bankruptcies, etc). Click here for numbers 11-20 on the list


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