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SFO Low Level Windshear Event

Awesome video from Ray T, check out his YouTube channel!

Dangerous low level wind shear of 15-30 knot loss on runways and short final at SFO causes a stop of departures. While runways 28L and R remained open for arriving traffic, only a couple planes were able to land. Many go arounds and with the wind shear situation not improving for about an hour, many planes given radar vectors to divert to SJC or OAK for low fuel situations.

Nice job to all the pilots and ATC.

Relevant METAR: KSFO 200156Z 27035G46KT 10SM FEW170 BKN200 14/08 A2982 RMK AO2 PK WND 27052/0115 SLP098 T01390083 $=

(0:54) “Holding all departures”
(2:39) Engine shutdown clearance
(3:10) “Sounds like fun! Visual 28R”
(5:25) UAL8194 ride report – “Ah it was a freakin’ blast man!”
(6:21) Windshear update 30 knot loss on the runways
(6:29) Calls for return to gate for fuel
(7:18) Weather advisory 201
(8:29) Alaska 331 ride report 3 knot loss – thanks!

Video is an abridged version of a one hour period. Audio is a compilation of cuts from San Francisco Tower 120.5 (Thanks to LiveATC) put to FlightRadar24 replay between 6:00PM – 7:00PM PST (0100Z-0200Z) run at 6X. Not all comms are synced exactly to radar replay for pacing and continuity purposes.

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