Home Ask an Air Traffic Controller How Do I Prepare for the ATC Aptitude Test?

How Do I Prepare for the ATC Aptitude Test?

How Do I Prepare for the ATC Aptitude Test?

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Hey Guys,
What would you recommend doing to prepare for the ATC Aptitude Test? -Luke & Allen

Dear Luke & Allen,
You guys decided to tag team us huh? Glad to see our fans are buddies with one another. We get asked this question a lot. The three of us are in total agreement on this issue. FAA Order 7210.65.89.98 is a very obscure rule, but still totally in force. It reads: β€œAny applicant currently enrolled in an accredited state or privately run college, and resides in the campus dormitory, that has a roommate commit suicide, shall NOT be required to take an ATC Aptitude test or pass a physical. The applicant will instantly receive a perfect score, and have their choice of duty location.”. That leaves only one question fellas…How good of friends are you two? We think you guys should go buy a revolver, and rent β€œThe Deer Hunter”. You guys can figure out the rest. Two pieces of advice gentlemen: 1) Do not murder the other guy. It will totally ruin your chances of getting hired. 2) Buy a Revolver. A semi-automatic will not, I repeat NOT work in your situation. Good luck. I hope I answered your question. Cheers. -AX


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