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The Pilot Who Won’t Shut Up


The idea for “the pilot who won’t shut up” came from some of the more intense moments I witnessed while on the floor of a busy ARTCC facility. I vividly remember there were times when the pilots and controller(s) were doing everything they could to expedite all radio communications, since there were so many aircraft on frequency. In this situation, it is nearly impossible to prevent people from blocking one another on the radio. However, at the same time, I remember that during these situations there were sometimes pilots who seemed to be completely oblivious to the chaos that surrounded them and their airplane. These people sometimes tied usoundboardp the frequencies with ridiculous and/or inappropriately long radio transmissions. This audio is dedicated to everyone, both pilots and controllers, who have been in this situation before.

As you see to the left, some of the behind the scenes on what it takes to create something like this! Β Thank you to all that has viewed our latest creation, we’ll have more for you soon!

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