Lady Makes Big Mistake When Looking for the Airplane Lavatory

Well, I’ll just start off by saying, fortunately this wasn’t an airborne flight….we’d have much bigger issues.  This poor 50 year old lady apparently had to go and she had to go bad.  What mad matters worse was that she had never flown on an airplane before.  She really had no idea where to go, so logically, she opened one of the airplanes emergency exits.  Make sense, right?

chinasouthern2Better yet, the emergency slide was even released, I guess there had to be somewhere for the mess to go!  After the slide was deployed prior to takeoff, the crew was forced to evacuate the airplane so officials could investigate the matter further.  Unfortunately, this caused quite the delay.  Hopefully she learned her lesson!

Passengers took to their Weibo accounts to take some additional pictures of the aircraft since they had nothing better to do as they weren’t going anywhere.


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Written by ATC Memes

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