Getting to know your facility: ADS

I've got the runway in sight.

Getting to know your facility: ADS

Addison Airport is the second busiest, non-commercial, single runway operation in the country. Don’t believe me??? Then check the numbers, because I sure haven’t! KADS is the only GA airport to have “no touch and go’s” in the AFD. Go ahead…call me a liar. Go read all the AFD’s and find another. I dare you. It’s proximity to both Dallas Love, and DFW International Airport make it very congested, and hard to work.

Here’s a map of the level 5 airspace.

IFR aircraft are put on one departure heading no matter if it’s north or south flow. VFR’s only have one departure heading on south flow, and 120 degrees of options in north flow. Being just under the class Bravo shelf means that ADS gets it’s fair share of overflights. Generally those aircraft are told to stay west of the field due to DFW Tracon’s (D10) traffic.

The field has two FBO’s: Millionair and Atlantic. Be sure to visit them if you would like the most expensive 100LL in the metroplex. There are many training facilities on the field, and one museum that regularly flies and array of classic aircraft. Stearman, Mustang, Caribou, and Corsair, to name a few. Addison’s other Jewel is the Beech Starship. 1 of 4 airworthy airframes that flies regularly from AQRD is on the field.

Sweet baby Jesus, is that a famous person’s chopper?

The facility usually has anywhere between 8 to 11 Certified Professional Controllers, and closes from 10pm to 6am (which gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the local nightlife). The pattern at Addison is always filled with diverse aircraft with only one option…a full stop on the only runway. No outs, no plan B.

Make sure to bring your beard, and lumberjack flannel with you, because the city of Addison is a hipsters paradise! Addison=Austin lite. With nearly 200 restaurants and only 15,800 permanent residents, Addison has more restaurants per capita than any city in the U.S. Might we suggest Ida Claire? Addison Oktoberfest, which coincides with the beginning of the famed Munich celebration, was named among the most authentic in the U.S., according to Forbes. The airfield hosts “Kaboomtown” July 3rd every year and the fireworks show ranks consistently in the top 3 for US fireworks shows. There is an airshow before the fireworks, and the field usually closes around 6pm for the show.

There you have it. If you ever thought about transfering to ADS, now you have a little bit of an idea what it’s like. Don’t let it’s level five-ness fool you…you can make a very nice life here. Besides, with DFW Tower, Love Tower, and Dallas Tracon all close by, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.

Dilly Dilly y’all.

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