Famous Air Traffic Controllers

Famous Air Traffic Controllers

Reader submission:

Dear ATC Gods,
Hey guys, I’m Romy and I just love your site. I was wondering, are there any famous people that got their start as an ATC’er, but then got famous? I really hope my question makes the cut. Love you guys. -Romy

Dear Romy,
We love you too. The love and attention we’ve been getting has been almost overwhelming. As for your question, yes there have been many famous people that got their start in ATC, but moved on for various reasons. Here’s a list of people that you’ve most likely heard of:

• Ryan Reynolds
• Jimi Hendrix (Wrote “The Wind Cries Mary” while working a mid)
• John Cusack
• William Robert Thornton
• Lloyd Bridges
• Archibald League
• Charlie Chaplin
• Micky Mantle
• Cyndi Lauper
• John Candy
• Stanley Kubric
• Al Capone
• Ronald Reagan
• Kiefer Sutherland
• Henry “The Fonz” Winkler
• Margaret Cho
• Kelly McGillis
• Al Swearengen
• Kevin Bacon
• Matt Stone
• James T. Kirk
• Dick Whitman
• Howard Stern
• Joe Montana
• Joe Mantegna
• Tony Montana

What’s more interesting is the list of former ATC washouts:

• Kim Kardashian

Famous Controllers
• Justin Bieber
• George Costanza
• Benedict Arnold
• The Zodiac Killer
• Ted Cruz
• Hugh Jackman
• Jared Fogle
• Ted Cruz (Re-applied and washed out again)
• Cougar
• The Backstreet Boys
• Jerry Sandusky
• Tony Romo
• Trey Parker
• Tim Tebow
• Will Wheaton
• Dwight Schrute
• Dirk Diggler
• Voldemort
• Ron Jeremy

As you can see Romy, the list of successful ATC’er is long and distinguished (Like my Johnson). However, the washouts are a motley crew of individuals that deserve respect for trying their hand at the most difficult job in the history of time and space. I hope I answered your question. Cheers. -AX

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