When the Center has to Vector a VFR Aircraft

This skit took lots of outtakes, trust me. In all seriousness, a lot of this is just born out of legitimate arguments. I think it would be no different than regular video acting in the sense that you must become the character and argument. You sort of have to make yourself angry. As for not cracking up, we definitely do, but the secret is to really just enjoy the vibe, the more you can get yourself into that guy arguing on the control floor, the less funny it gets. A lot of times the final product is a lot funnier than we have originally scripted. Music is very similar to this too.

I used to work as a front end engineer at a very big recording studio in NYC. Very often I would invite bands/artists to do ‘blinder off’ plays where we would just all sit on the couch and listen to the mix, because it’s very very easy to start thinking of ‘YOUR’ part instead of the final mix. How does this fit into the actual final product? Am I helping or hurting the final product? I also worked with voiceover artists for animation, and these guys had an amazing ability to switch into and out of character, it was hysterical and fascinating at the same time. I did a few sessions with Billy West, one of my all time heroes, and he told me the only time he is acting is when he’s not being recorded LOL.

This mixdown was about 16 stereo tracks, and individually, they are all pretty damn lame. However, once they’re working together, it really lights up and comes alive. The older I get the more I see this applies to basically everything in life. This page is a huge stress relief for us, where fantasies come to life, there are no rules. It’s truly a blast to have so many fans, hope you enjoy it!

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Written by ATC Memes

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