Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans

People all over the world love Atcmemes for the comedy, the fashion, and frankly the down to earthness. We started the page with one goal in mind…entertain the people. Memes, articles, merchandise, all of these things are a part of the whole experience. I know seeing advertisements for leggings gets old. There are so many ways to make money, that sometimes we focus on the one making us the most at that moment. Anyway, here’s the Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans, and how we make money.

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans
So much beauty in one picture. Photo Credit Hans Gruber Baldwin.

How do you make money?

Well, as I said, merchandise sales are a large portion of our income. I won’t divulge numbers because of the inherant risk of coming off braggy, but they are very good. Leggings and stickers are the bread and butter. We set our prices so that the margins are ok, but don’t gouge the customer. “Yeah right” some of you men are thinking. Go out to a store and look at the prices of leggings. Now ask one of our female customers that own a pair of ours how they feel. The best review we have is from a lady that said:

These are the best leggings that I have ever worn. They hold up well in the crotch, and don’t shrink after many washings. They remain opaque in even the deepest squat. Thank you so much for all the interaction while ordering. You guys are great.”

That’s why I love our customers. That honest and frank review was the best compliment that we could get. It meant that we aren’t doing the leggings wrong. The price is good, the quality of manufacture is excellent, and the customer service is on point. That hasn’t always been the case. Even now some orders are delayed. Some are even messed up (most times by the manufacturers), sometimes by us. We are human and make mistakes. Sometimes we’ll read “KSFD” as KSFB”. We always make it right by our customers.

Advertising is another big one. Enticing people to our actual website gains us a good amount of advertising revenue. Facebook however, has an algorithm that suppresses posts that get people to leave the Facebook platform. We have approx. 182,000 facebook followers. This post for example might organically be seen by maybe 20,000 of them. Facebook uses it’s algorithm to bury it in everybody else’s newsfeed. Facebook then offers us the opportunity to pay them to “boost” the post to “X” amount more of our followers.

Hey, I understand facebook wants to monetize their platform as much as possible. I really do get it and I’m not complaining. We have some fans that wanted to know more about the business side of what we do. I’m just trying to educate them. I personally like to use the ad revenue as a measure of how much our fans like our content. Obviously I don’t want to make y’all go through the hassle of leaving facebook for our site with every post we put up. The memes are posted internally on the facebook platform, and articles drive you to our site.

I’ve had to learn a lot about bounce rates, and exit rates, and yada yada yada internet nerd stuff. Basically to make more ad revenue, I have to keep you on our site as long as possible, AND get you to click on as many of our other articles as possible. That’s how “Click Bait” sites make their money. Unlike “Click Bait” sites, I want to have you leave happy. I want you to feel like you didn’t waste your time (you’re 2 minutes and 45 seconds in, right now). On that note, click here for part 2 of 2.

What do you think?

Written by ATC Memes

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2

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