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Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2
Nice looking leggings you have there.

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2

Ok, lets hear about the fans.

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2
That’s more sausage than a ERAU study group.

Men outnumber the women (if I’m reading that chart correctly). Interestingly enough, men buy about 70% of our leggings. No, I don’t think that they’re cross dressers (not that there is anything wrong with that). Men buy our leggings as gifts. I bet that there are a lot of men out there that have happy women in their lives because of it. Interacting with our customers can be a lot of fun. Most are very vulgar (like us), and enjoy a good joke. Getting to know people from other cultures has been fun too. I’m based in Houston, and I get to meet people from all over (India, France, Kentucky). Here’s the breakdown:

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2
The U.S. has our largest following…USA USA USA.

I have family in Zambia. Flying there normally means a connection in Johannesburg. I’ve got an open invitation to the ATC facility there. Could be pretty cool. Poland has only 1,598 followers, but we’ve sold a ton of product there, so having a small following isn’t always a bad thing.

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2
1,212 followers in Egypt, but no sales there.

Things start to thin out on page two. Thailand is notorious for losing packages. If you are starting an E-commerce business, watch out for Thailand. We don’t ship to Indonesia anymore…they lost every package.

Breakdown of Atcmemes Fans Part 2
I’ve got the curse of the Irish…if you know what I mean.

Morocco bottoms out our list. Sweden and Switzerland have a good amount of sales. They are also (next to Canadians) the nicest people to deal with. They are almost uncomfortably nice.

What about videos? You guys have high production value. How do they do?

Thanks for that compliment. That’s all Dave “The Voice” Lombardo. He does all the editing, and about 99% of the voice work. YouTube is great. Our following is around 12,000 right now. The problem is the same with advertising…Facebook doesn’t want you to leave facebook. They want you to post videos internally. We make ZERO dollars on facebook videos. A good metric for YouTube is about $1,500 in ad revenue per one million views (That can be higher or lower, depending on how many, and where you allow YouTube to place ads in your video). If we had the same ad sharing deal with facebook that we do with YouTube, we would be making about $25,000 a month in revenue (based on our Facebook metrics). That’s a nice amount of money, and it beats the $450 a month we average with YouTube (those are rookie numbers…we gotta bump up those numbers).

It’s not all about the money though. Sometimes to the viewer, it may seem that way, but it’s not the case. The “Christmas Lights on Wing Tips” gag last year is the kind of stuff that drives us. The compliments on the merchandise are great as well. Basically we just need to keep rocking and rolling. Hopefully this information makes you think how Facebook, as well as other sites USE you. Obviously I’m a part of that, because at this point you’ve spent a few minutes on our little page (6 minutes, 15 seconds exactly).

If you don’t want some guy looking INTO your lady’s ass while she’s in a deep squat at the gym, maybe think about a pair of our leggings. $55-$65 is a small price to pay, when that kind of thing is on the line. Our stickers are high quality, and most of the price neutralizes the credit card fee, shipping, and cost of goods. We aren’t out to rape your wallet. We offer a great product at a fair price…I really believe that. Thanks to all of you for making our business a success.

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