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ATCer Asks Woman’s Dad for Her Hand In Marriage: Part Two

ATCer asks woman's dad for her hand in marriage: Part two
Look at that penmanship.
ATCer asks woman’s dad for her hand in marriage: Part Two

Shortly after the divorce, the woman that I had been banging will leave me. The thrill of being with a married man will no longer be there. I’ll venture out into the dating scene, and realize that it’s tough. My looks will be diminished, and I will be too lazy to do the things I need to do to be successful in that lifestyle.

A year after the divorce, I’ll try to win your daughter back. I’ll most likely be successful. You’ll try to convince her that this is a bad decision. You’ll throw ultimatums at her like; “If you go back to him, you’re not welcome here”. She won’t listen. You’ll hold true to your word, and cut her off. No phone calls. No letters. Complete radio silence.

This will put a strain on your own marriage. Being cut off from one’s only daughter is too much for a woman to bear. You’ll find yourself sleeping on the couch. Your wife will take vacations by herself to see us, and because of your hostile attitude, she will contemplate leaving you. 

Despite your attempts at reconciliation, your wife divorces you. Your plans had all been set up for a peaceful retirement. Now, you’ll have to get a job to afford that one bedroom apartment. As you grow old, you won’t know your grandchildren…I’ll make sure of that. Your daughter will honor me in this area because of your previous ultimatum.

This doesn’t have to be how it plays out. You have a glimpse of the future, and you have to power to change it. In whatever manner you feel is right, you must convince your daughter to keep up with the blow jobs, and give up some ass regularly. If you feel more comfortable with your wife giving her that talk, fine by me…as long has she knows her wifely duties. We all want you to have a good life, and I’d hate to see you die alone. 

In conclusion, I love your daughter. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. She needs to be made aware that I have needs, and she has responsibilities. A happy marriage is founded on mutual love, respect, and a good amount of sex. I’m sure that together we can make this marriage last. The future is in your hands, and I await your response.



Things didn’t go so well. The wedding was postponed, and it took a lot for me to convince everyone that it was just a bad joke. Hey, I took a shot.

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