What ATC wands do you Recommend?

What ATC wands do you Recommend?

Reader Submission:

What wands do you recommend? I’ve been using an old pair that I found on the back of a cart, but they just don’t have the luster that I’m used to seeing in TVs and Movies. Am I imagining it, or are there better brands out there?  -Tom

Dear Tom,
This is a great question, as it allows us to officially endorse a brand we’ve been using for years, the ”AERO Blue LED Lighted Safety Marshalling Wand”. It’s a sturdy piece (that’s what she said), that lasts over 400 hours on only 3 AA batteries. I know what you’re thinking: “Do these guys really use a stock Marshalling Wand? How lame. How trite. I thought these guys had unicorn blood flowing through their ice cold veins”. You’d think a company like Aero Specialties would have improved on their design (a design that they haven’t changed since 1903 BTW), but they haven’t. So we here at ATC MEMES, sup ours up Fast and Furious style. “AC” (The ATC MEMEs Godfather), felt his was just a little too underpowered, so he decided to add military grade bulb to really blind the airplane drivers. I added a laser pointer to mine. It’s great to flash it on the ground and make trainees paw at it like cats. We trick them out in our specialty shop, email for a quote. We add a “Bad Mother Fucker” engraving on the handle of each wand we customize. A great gift for any ATC’er. Hope I answered your question. Cheers. -AX

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