To Be ATC (10 Photos)

Being air traffic controller (ATC) is living one of the most exciting and stressful professions in the world.  To feel the adrenaline pumping in heavy traffic, doing many things at once, suffer when a plane does not answer, make very fast decisions, and having fun doing what you love.  So, in a funny way, our friend Alison from Ecuador made this awesome set of images to show the world just what we do!  She made this in honor of The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller on October 20, 2016.  Please share them and make sure to give her lots of credit!  Pardon my translations, we can make some amendments if you can phrase it better.  I’m not Multi Lingual.

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To Be ATC is to Make Coffee Your Vitamin.

Model: Alita Villacres



To Be ATC is to Become an Octopus.

Model: Alvaro Barchi



To Be ATC is to Work All the Holidays.

Model: Dayana Espin



To Be ATC is like a Professional Juggler.

Model: Caro Mejía Ricaurte



To Be ATC is to be stressed out at each other.

Models:  Cristopher Loaiza Bermeo, David Race, Andrea Rosero Mejía



To Be ATC is to 

Model:  Daniel Ortiz



To Be ATC is to Scare the Hell out of Yourself

Model: Hjalmar Segura



To Be ATC is to Calculate in Seconds

Model: Iván Loza



To Be ATC is to Maintain Control Like a Puppet Master

Model: Negro Arteaga



To Be ATC is to Control Your Favorite Video Game

Model: Odd Palomo


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