How Accurate was “Pushing Tin?”

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Hey Superstars,
I’m a total movie person, and I loved “Pushing Tin” (John Cusack is totally awesome). What I want to know is, how accurate was that movie? Did they embellish a lot, or was it dead on balls accurate? Thanks. -Rod

Dear Rod,
We think you’re totally awesome. Thanks for being a fan. First off, the movie was a complete re-make of the 1903 silent film “Thrusting Ore”. *Spoiler Alert* In that film the protagonist “Nicholas”, was a cocky, yet capable train “Ramper” (the precursor to ATC). He was the best, and had a pretty great life. It wasn’t until a new guy transferred in, that drama ensued. The new guy, “Random Feather” was a very quiet, and reserved Native American ramper, with a gorgeous wife. The worst part for Nick, was that Random Feather could work the shit out of that ramp. In fact he was way better than Nick. This started eating away at Nick, until one night he gave Random Feather’s wife some liquor. While Nick was having sex with the wife, Feather walked in and beat them to death with a wooden folding chair. The movie ends very abruptly, and was panned by the critics. Both movies won Golden Raspberry awards. So you can see they just took an old movie script, threw it in a blender, and added a sci-fi aspect with the whole blip screen thing. I’m sorry if I ruined Pushing Tin for you, but I gotta tell you, don’t ask how the sausage is made. Cheers. -AX

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